Continuing to recruit its list of developments, Net Entertainment Company presented a new slot machine “Piggy Riches” which in cartoon form displays the life of wealthy piglets.
Once in a huge mansion, where each piece of decor reflects the monetary state of a small family of piglets, rotating the drums, the user can get some of their savings, both in the usual and in the bonus mode. A high-quality graphic design with a minimum of animation effects conveys the inherent atmosphere of luxury in the “Piggy Riches” slot for 100%. Such an interface of the gaming machine does not distract the player from the main task in any way - getting a win after starting and stopping the reels that occupy almost the whole space of the window. On the dedicated control panel is a classic set of adjusting parameters of the slot. There are such opportunities as:

 - activation of rotation;

 - game at the maximum rate;

 - choice of the rate level;

 - the choice of the number of coins per line;

 - starting an automatic game;

 - go to the reference section of the machine.

In the lower left corner, you can adjust the volume level or turn on the rapid rotation of the reels. In the selection of symbols for the “Piggy Riches” slot, you can find pictures with bags of money, a gold credit card, a key from the mansion, a purse and a piggy bank with dollars, as well as the values ​​of playing cards made of valuable materials. All these symbols belong to the category of ordinary names, which are only able to create prize combinations. Other possibilities are given two special images:

  • Wild (Piglet) - replaces any game images from the category of ordinary names. The win from the combination in which the wild symbol takes part will be calculated taking into account the additional factor - x3;
  • Scatter (pig) - is designed to go into the free spin’s mode and pay a cash prize up to x100 of the total bet for a combination of three, four or five scatters. They can be located at any position of the field, since they do not obey the general rules of charging over active lines.

Interesting Features

This is the ideal slot machine for medium and large bets. A small number of lines allow you to bet on each more, and the payout ratios allow you to win a large amount even in the main game. The multiplier x3 for winnings with a wild symbol and multipliers during free games give this machine a great potential. You can bet up to 1/30 of your current balance. Please note that the percentage of payments in Piggy Riches is floating and depends on the "optimal strategy of the game." It means that when choosing the number of games you will always choose boxes with the maximum multiplier. It is in this mode that the percentage of payments is promised the maximum. So, it’s recommend to play for real money.
Winnings’ probabilities:

  • The total percentage of refunds to the player is 96.4%. For payments in free spins, 18.9% of the total fund will be reserved, and 77.5% will be paid in the main game;
  • The probability of obtaining any prize combination of symbols in the main game reaches a size of 40.9%;
  • Payouts involving two scatters are formed with a probability of 10.2%.

Waiting for activation of the bonus will be difficult, since the probability of launch does not exceed 0.55%. In free games, only 26% of the prize pool is returned. One should not expect great rewards, because the average winnings within the bonus do not exceed 43 bets. In the main game, the slot gives out prize combinations with a frequency of 34.50%.

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How to Play & Real Money Versions

"Piggy Riches" by NetEnt has a fairly traditional scheme for the formation of winning combinations. “Piggy Riches” provides 25 active lines, a chain of three or five identical symbols must be formed. The pictograms are read left-to-right, beginning with the leftmost sector. Only one most valuable and profitable combination for the gambler is paid. The symbols that formed the prize chain have their multiplication factors fixed in the Pay table:

  • Cards - 9, 10, J, Q, K, A will be multiplied by 5-125;
  • Piggy bank in the form of a pig costs 15-200 credits;
  • A purse stuffed to the top with paper bills - 20-400;
  • The key to the safe with credit cards and other valuables is estimated by multipliers - 20-750;
  • Family banknotes of the family of pigs will make you richer in 25-1000 times;
  • A bag of gold and other precious stones will increase the current rate by 5-2000 times.

Another chance to win more is a risk game. It becomes available after each effective spin, regardless of the amount of winnings. You press the Gamble key and a new screen opens before you, where your virtual rival becomes the virtual dealer. Your task is to correctly name the color of the card, turned upside down. The correct answer will bring a doubling of the money prize put at stake in the risk game. The error will end with the loss of money and return to the main round. There are no other bonus games in this video slot. Despite this, the slot is very popular, and the amounts of cash payments reach indecently high sums.

Lines & Reel Strips

The game web of the “Piggy Riches” slots game meets players with a set of classic technical characteristics: 5 reels, 3 bands and 15 closed lines for changing payouts. The cost of field rotation will require the user to set a general rate in the available range from 15 cents to 150 dollars. Prize payments are formed in a standard way, paying prizes ranging from x5 to x2000 bets per line for each continuous chain of at least three types of the same type. In this case, it should start only with the leftmost drum.

Bonus Rounds

In order to activate free bonus games, the player needs to catch three character scatters in any places of the game board of “Piggy Riches” slots. After activating the function of free games, the player will be faced with the choice of how many games and with which multiplier to choose.

  1. The maximum number of bonus free games is 28;
  2. The maximum possible factor is 6;
  3. Each scatter falling out on the playing field during free games gives +1 free spin.

All combinations in which the Wild symbol participates are multiplied by three. Despite the small number of lines, during the bonus free games, all winnings involving the wild symbol are multiplied by 3 and by your multiplier chosen during the activation of the free spins. For example, if you chose 15 games with a multiplier of three, then the win with the wild symbol will be multiplied by nine.
After the appearance of the necessary amount of Scatter in the “Piggy Riches” slot machine, the user will be able to choose one free spins mode among the presented options. All of them will differ by a different number of rotations and the level of additional multiplication. The maximum amount of free spins is 28 rotations. The maximum factor is x6. After selecting the Free spins’ mode, the free game is activated, where each appeared scatter will add one rotation. Formed chains involving wild, will be calculated taking into account the additional factor x3 and the current, total multiplication in the game.

Variations of this slot

The “Piggy Riches” slot is available in demo mode. It does not involve the use of funds from your own wallet. The money for the game is provided by the online casino. This is not real money, but demo credits. Players use the winnings at their discretion. If the deposit is zeroed, it is enough to restart the slot and start the game from scratch. However, it is important to understand that in the demo mode you will not receive real money gains either. All winnings will remain in the virtual world.
The game for real money is also available in different online casinos. It is necessary to pre-monitor and select for betting an honest online casino with a high rating and good feedback from the players.
Regardless of the purposes, players are strongly advised not to skip the demo mode, as this is an excellent opportunity to test the slot, to understand the rules, the possibilities and playing for money to squeeze out a maximum from it.

Rules and features

The “Piggy Riches” slot is a game consisting of fifteen pay lines and is controlled by 5 reels. But in order for charming and such rich pigs to fulfill your desires, the player must follow their simple rules, which are very few:

  • Press "Bet Lines" to select the desired number of lines that will be active at the moment of rotation;
  • Indicate the number of coins (from 1 to 10) per line using the button "Bet Level";
  • Depending on the severity of your wallet, choose the denomination of coins from 0.01 to 5 euros, simply by pressing the "Coin Value" button;
  • Do you want to play to the maximum? Like all slot machines, the Rich Pigs are happy to give you this opportunity: press the "Max Bet" button and the bet of 75 euros on the back is provided to you;
  • Rich pigs, confirming their generosity, will necessarily launch free spins for you, and even with an additional multiplier (x3);
  • Return of the bets made in the form of winnings is 96.1%;
  • The maximum winnings can reach 360,000 coins.

Among the “Piggy Riches” symbols the players will meet: 

  • The simplest symbols are gambling symbols of playing cards, but of course not all, but from ace to ten. They will bring you in an account from five to 125 credits;
  • Here there are original, but such characters are pleasant for the player. It is a pink and plump Pig-piggy bank, in which green banknotes, a Wallet with a thick bundle of money, a Safe Key and a Gold Credit Card no longer fit. Such symbols, presented by pigs, will make you the owner of 15-1000 credits;
  • Bags with gold are even more generous - they start working already with the loss of two symbols, and the maximum can bring up to 2000 credits;
  • Well, they manage all the riches of two special symbols that almost all video slots of Net Entertainment possess - it's a wild boar, replacing empty combinations and elegant pig-Scatter, not only giving free spins, but multiplying the number of their repetition.

History of “Piggy Riches”

The “Piggy Riches” slot machine is a unique game that will allow each user to spend time not only pleasantly, but also profitable! Which of us does not dream of earning real money on the game, which brings a lot of fun? In addition, “Piggy Riches” from the developer of Netent is very easy to learn - with its basic capabilities and functions will cope even with one who has never before run a slot machine. “Piggy Riches” has a high rate of return. The player just needs to make the right move, and a solid cash jackpot will immediately be in your account. A lot of additional functions, extensive support system and information support for users make the “Piggy Riches” slot machine one of the most popular types of entertainment for those who like excitement.


With the release of each new slot machine, Net Entertainment is gaining even more attention from experienced users. Since it's impossible to pass by any novelty of this developer, especially if the player has the task to win a decent prize amount and have a great time rotating the slots drums. Actually, exactly for such tasks “Piggy Riches” slot is intended. After activating the bonus mode repeatedly, alternately launching all variants of free spins, a spin packet of 9 rotations and a multiplier x5 can be marked, so this mode brought us the biggest win for the entire game. Nevertheless, the established level of return reveals its maximum values, even regardless of the chosen option, hiding a huge winning potential for an amusing subject.
“Piggy Riches” can be remarkably tested in free mode. Casino players should keep the dignity of the coin when playing for real money, when testing the slot in a free game. Choose a free game with multiplication by 3 (15 games). The slot machine “Piggy Riches” fully justifies its name, because here there is a real piggy abundance. Funny characters, high-quality animation, clear lines of design, original sound, as well as the possibility of refunds to 96% .1%.